wise leadership coaching

wise leadership coaching

Do you, as a manager, face an important decision that has been taking you for a while? You want clarity and a good feeling for the right decision?

You are faced with a highly complex challenge and want to find out what is at stake, and what is your best contribution to coping with it.

The Wise Leaderhip Coaching
gives you inner clarity: What is it really about?
creates transparency: which stakeholders and which aspects should be considered?
Identifies the future, which has to be shaped by you: What shows to be suitable in the context of the current situation and the context?

The procedure differs essentially from the otherwise known coaching as follows:
The process is structured in such a way that you gain the desired clarity and the appropriate decision and action impulses through the integration of all knowledge sources (cognitive, intuitive, emotional and physical).
This is additionally supported by always having at least two coaches present.

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: on request
Information and registration: claude.heini(at)leadingpower.ch