Wise Leadership Forum 5. Oct. 2018 – Short Summary

On the 5th of October, the inaugural Wise Leadership (WLS) Forum successfully took place in Zürich. Approximately 25 personalities from business and society came together to jointly explore what Wise Leadership means in the context of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (also know as the “SDGs” or “Global Goals”).
Among other critical questions, the participants reflected on the issue of how each one of us is linked to these Global Goals, and what it means to demonstrate personal leadership, which provides us with ample opportunities to embrace and challenges to overcome.
A key finding was that it always starts with each one of us, with the attitude we personally adopt when approaching ourselves, other people, and life as a whole.
The concept of “space” is a theme we looked at. The external changes are most likely to succeed when we create spaces for each other—physically, emotionally and spiritually—
in which what we are cultivating has the possibility to grow and flourish.
It is also about recognizing one’s own vulnerability, and sometimes experiencing feelings of overwhelm and frustration in relation to the big issues and problems, in order then to find a courageous and realistic approach.
Six specific questions that were generated by individual participants were addressed in several creative exchange rounds, in such a way that everyone could receive very valuable insights for their concerns in a short time.
Feedback and insights shared after the first WLS Forum has confirmed that this collective format was valuable to participants as a non-judging, open space that promotes growth, authenticity, and community.

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